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mack updates andrews

Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Nebulous
Location: albion bridge


"commander. I would like to report three pieces of information that might be both urgent and relevant. first, in 10 forward there are 35 stasis pods. Those I transported from cargo bay 1 before the incident with the stardrive self-destruct,
upon having discovered them, to avoid losing personnel. I took the liberty of doing tricorder scans and direct inspection. there are three pods empty. two appear to be occupied but have ambiguous biometrics. the other thirty appear to be
occupied and have stable biometrics. I suggest establishing a stable containment field around the ambiguous pods and while scanning them for life signs, open them and monitor whatever life signs appear viable and adjust the environment
inside the field to support that life form in case it has become somehow compromised. Otherwise we do risk losing them, and might lose them anyway.

second, there is still a large message, presumably from fleet, on the captain's com link, secured "your eyes only". Since the captain has been relieved I think you should evaluate it if your security level can access it. part of it seems to
be encrypted in a manner not familiar to my training but the majority does seem to be conventional fleet security.

third, we still have a large object in cargo bay 2 which has high security lockouts and appears to have some kind of containment field inside it. It is larger than a shuttle. I suspect it is a highly advanced tactical ship and that the message
on the comlink might explain why both the ship and the stasis pods are aboard. I mention this since if our orders were originally to deploy those for some further mission, we might want to do that before we head back to starbase.

I await your orders."

::mack returns his attention to his scan results::

(he hopes the commander is in condition to command. Mack will be paying close attention to how Andrews handles the issues presented to him.)



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