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cleanup detail

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Nebulous
Location: cargo bay deck


=^="ensign mack to all hands. burial detail for anonymous fleet officer in shuttle bay in one hour. optional for all crew. ceremonial dress not required due to short notice."=^=

::com-link message to starbase 10: please inform of ship's manifest status of LTCDR Richard Sheldon, Medical Officer MOS, last known location starbase 10, remains found aboard USS Albion.
Please notify as deceased, cause unknown, Date of Death imprecise but estimated at least one month ago. "

"computer. locate nearest biohazard suit to shuttle or cargo deck. add to ensign mack equipment reserve."

::sets up tricorder for scan-mode and places on floor of cargo bay, activates bio-scan for DNA signatures and atypical chemicals and forensic evidence of any kind at level 5. estimated time 15 minutes.::

"computer. establish incoming-permeable containment field around all bio-matter once scan completes. calculate phaser settings to remove bio-material from ship's surfaces following tricorder scan and data upload to science station. upload settings to ensign mack's phaser and notify when complete. once phaser blasts begin, provide active audible feedback about effectiveness and percentage of biomass accumulated by containment field."

=^="mack to commander. I am planning to move the bio-computer stasis pods to a containment field, to study them further as they may prove to be useful assets. Do you want me to report the ship and large container
vessel to Fleet? There might be advantages to having those assets off the books. Since we did not formally request them to be aboard, they are technically considered "found on the high seas" and can be claimed by
anyone who finds them, as old maritime law provided. Awaiting your orders."


move bio-computer to containment field, scan for network protocols, power sources and security features

clean up bio waste

re-seal deceased statis pod

neutralize remaining bio matter


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