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notes on admiral yoshimeyer

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 5:57am by Lieutenant Julius Mack

::Admiral Yoshimeyer appears on the screen::

Bull: "Admiral, there's 5 Ferengi ships approaching the station!" ::looks left, and then right to scan the damage on the bridge from getting hit by his own torpedoes:: "They've opened fire on us! They might attack the station too!"

Yoshimeyer: =/\=I don't think the Ferengi will attack.=/\=

Bull: ::again surveys the damaged bridge:: "Why not?"

Yoshimeter: =/\=Because the captain of the Ferengi ship is sitting right here in my office.=/\= ::view pans to show a smiling Ferengi Captain:: =/\=In fact, report to me in my office on the double! Yoshimeyer out!=/\= ::viewer goes blank::

Bull: "Well, uh, Ensign Glass, I suppose you have the conn." ::stands up and does the Picard maneuver before entering the turbo lift::

Glass: ::sits in the command chair, then realizes that he's the only one on the bridge::


Things are not looking up for our Ensign Bull.

"I am Ictus Klev, commanding the Ferengi alliance diplomatic mission aboard the starship Bokira.
Our mission is to arrest our personnel on your starbase, who have violated seventeen rules of acquisition and must submit to
appropriate punishment. We demand under diplomatic treaty that you provide us immediate diplomatic access to all Ferengi
personnel aboard or about your Starbase 10."


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