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Mission: Nebulous
Location: USS Albion
Timeline: Current


We're finally getting started!  If you're not familiar with open role playing or the script format, please read our Sim page before you post.  Very generally, here's what both mean:

Open role playing: Everyone writes for everyone.  You can write for other characters and other players can write for your character.

Script format:


Character: (Thoughts.) ::action:: “Dialogue.” =/\=Communicator dialogue.=/\=

You can still write paragraphs for description if necessary, but generally stick to the above format, especially for dialog.  The idea with script format is that we're not trying to write a masterpiece.  Rather, it's a quick way to make things happen and it's easy for everyone else to easily scan the posts to see what's happening.

Be sure to always use the "ON:" and "OFF:" tags to specify what's in and out of story.

Now, on with the show...


{USS Albion, Bridge}

Unfamiliar voice: "We are now entering Altara Nebula."

Sprague: (Wait, what?) ::looks around the bridge from the command chair::  (This isn't the Chuck Norris? ... this is a Galaxy class starship?!?)  "Yes, uh um, very well."  ::shifts uncomfortably in his chair as he remembers that it was years ago when he commanded the Chuck Norris::  "What am I doing here? ... and I'm-- retired?"

Gas and space dust quickly fill the main viewer.

Sprague: ::slides out of his chair and darts to the ready room, nearly tripping a couple times en route::

{Ready Room}

Sprague:  ::takes a seat::  "Computer, bring up the crew roster of the USS Ch--, uh I mean, this ship."

Computer:  "The crew of the USS Albion is as follows:"

Sprague:  "Albion, Albion...  There's a USS Albion?"  ::scans the crew roster on the screen in front of him::

/----USS Albion NCC-3020----
Science Officer: Ensign Mack
Science Officer: Ensign Robert Bull
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant JG Tanya Hughes
Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Sheeraashaa Genno
Strategic Operations Officer: Lieutenant Moria Hadden
Yeoman: Crewman Sol Silva
Executive Officer: Commander Jackson Andrews
Commanding Officer: Captain Richard Sprague
End of report.
----USS Albion NCC-3020----/

Sprague: "It is me."

Door:  ::chimes::

Unfamiliar voice: "Captain?"


Okay, so what happened?  The last thing Sprague remembers was being dropped off on Earth by the USS Wayfarer so he could retire from Star Fleet.  Now he finds himself on the bridge of the Albion, and much to his surprise, he's supposedly the Captain.  Sprague commanded the Chuck Norris years ago.

What everyone needs to do now:  Introduce your character on the ship.  It's totally your call on how they get there or what state of mind and body they're in when they arrive.  I know we're open role playing, but for this time only, please don't use anyone else's character until they first introduce themselves.  Since I've already introduced Sprague, he's fair game for you to use.

Being able to use other peoples' characters doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.  Be consistent and take cues from the players on how they use their own characters.

That's it:  Be bold!  Drive the story!  Add to the drama!

Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020




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By Ensign Mack on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 4:19pm

Mack: "Ensign Mack reporting for duty sir. I am assigned to science officer duty, but i can also serve the helm if
you need. I can otherwise work on the sensors if those are more important while we are in the nebular region. Or of course if you have a more urgent need, I am here to serve. It is a pleasure and honor to serve with you sir."