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mack deals with the admiral

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 5:56am by Ensign Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: starbase 10 admiral's office


::Mack heads for a weapons repository, blasts the lock open with his phaser and takes two more hand phasers and a blaster rifle. Then closes the lock again, steps back a few feet and
blasts the lock to fuse it shut.
He takes a turbo lift to the admiral's office. Steps up to the door. It chimes. ::

yoshimeyer: "Come in, Ensign Bull."

::Mack looks in, notes the admiral and the ferengi captain, and no one else present. Mack steps barely into the room, leaving a small eavesdropping device which had been concealed on the sole of his shoe, out of view of the surprised other two individuals who were fully expecting someone else. ::

"Admiral Yoshimeyer. You are under arrest for the charge of complicity with a rogue Ferengi invasion force, to allow them to acquire Starbase 10.
This office will become your brig until further notice. If you attempt to leave or to transport out or contact anyone, you will be immediately deterred.
If either of you attempt to subvert your containment, the computer is directed to shut down your basic life support until you lose consciousness."

::Then Mack withdraws. The doors close again. He steps back a few feet and blasts the doors with the rifle, fusing them together. Then he aims a phaser
at the wall adjacent to the doors, and fuses the door actuators.::

"Computer. Erect a containment field of class three surrounding admiral yoshimeyer's office pod and severing all power conduits except those associated with life support. De-activate
and destroy all other power sources to that room. Deactivate life support in the room if any attempts are made to de-activate the containment by anyone by myself. Authorization Rigel two one nine Mack."

::Mack takes the turbo lift to the transporter deck. as he exists the lift, he puts a phaser on overload and tosses it into the lift, then allows the doors to close. He steps back a few feet
and fuses the doors closed. He goes to the transporter console, sets coordinates for Albion's transporter, sets energize-delay to one minute, and activates the timer. He then takes
another hand-phaser and puts it on overload, setting it on the transporter console near the control circuitry. He keeps one hand phaser and the blaster rifle, and takes his place
in the transporter. About two minutes after he is aboard Albion, the hand phasers in the starbase 10 turbo lift and the transporter console go critical, mostly destroying a 15 foot
radius of all objects in both cases.
Once aboard Albion, Mack takes the turbo-lift to the Bridge.::

"Mister Glass, I am relieving you. Please assume the weapons Station." {Ship Comm} =^=All hands, battle stations. This is not a drill.
Computer. Take us to the starbase 10 security perimeter, using a route not obvious to the ferengi vessels. Maintain weapons lock and a full spread of photon torpedos but
do not fire unless they appear to be powering weapons. If necessary target their weapons systems then their warp nacelles, then their life support in that order of priority."

"Open a channel to the Ferengi vessels and include Starbase 10 security via blind copy."

=^="this is the USS Albion, Julius Mack commanding. Ferengi vessels: you are ordered to stand down and leave this sector. Your commander is dead and the Federation Admiral
conspiring with him has been placed under arrest. If you power your weapons, you will be destroyed. You must leave immediately under impulse power until you are 500 thousand
meters outside the starbase 10 security perimeter. After which you may warp at factor two or less for one parsec.
Acknowledge immediately or risk being regarded as still an invasion force.

Mack Out."=^=



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