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Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 8:12pm by Commander Jackson Andrews

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Starbase 10
Timeline: Current


Andrews: ::sees Ensign Mack leave the Admirals office and go towards the turbolift not knowing he was going to the Albion:: (I should really speak to the Admiral about Sprague) ::Goes to Admiral Yoshimeyer's officer, which wasn't to far from the ops center::

Ensign Bull: ::Comes off of the turbolift and walks up next to Andrews:: "Hello sir, going to the Admirals office too?"

Andrews: "Yes, I am. However, now is not the time for conversation, especially since the Ferengi didn't attack us. In fact, the Ferengi captain is on the base with he Admiral as we speak" ::Andrews and Bull reach the Admiral's office and sees the force field:: "What in the name of-" (wait a minute. Ensign Mack!) "Computer, locate Ensign Mack"

Computer: "Ensign Mack is not on the base"

Andrews: "Well then where is he?"

Computer: "Ensign Mack is on the USS Albion"

Andrews: "Oh no" ::lowers force field and enters the Admirals office with Ensign Bull::

Admiral Yoshimeyer: "Commander, what in the tarnation did you do?" ::Looks towards Ensign Bull:: "I will have words with you later... Ensign."

Andrews: "This was not my doing, Ensign Mack apparently placed a forcefield around your office, which I was hoping you, and the Ferengi Captain here could explain."

Admiral Yoshimeyer: "He placed me under arrest, and locked me in this damn office of mine"

Andrews: "Why?"

Admiral Yoshimeyer: "I don't know what the real reason is. I was with the Captain here discussing the Ferengi fugitives"

Andrews: "I believe you Admiral for now, but I cannot be sure." ::The base goes to red alert::

Admiral Yoshimeyer: ::Combadge chirps:: =^=Yes?=^=

Commander Smith: =^=Sir the Albion has targeted the Ferengi Vessels=^=

Andrews: "That would be Mack"

Ferengi Captain: "Tell you officer to stand down, our I will sue him for all of his latinum!"

Admiral Yoshimeyer: =^=I'm on my way to ops=^= "Commander Andrews, come with me. Ensign Bull, please keep an eye on Captain Klev here. And Captain, our officer will be held accountable for his actions" ::Leaves his office, and goes to ops with Andrews::



Commander Jackson Andrews
Executive Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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