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Sprague and Mack... somewhere?

Posted on Tue Jun 15th, 2021 @ 1:12am by Captain Dick Sprague & Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: TBD
Timeline: Current


{Unclear location}

Sprague: "Computer, create a secure encoded subspace message to Admiral Gillis, Star Fleet Tactical Operations... Admiral, this is Captain Dick Sprague, previously in command of the USS Albion at Starbase 10. An incident has taken place where myself and several of my crew have been arrested at the order of Admiral Yoshimeyer on charges of sedition and insurrection. With the help of some of my loyal crew, I have escaped that brig facility and apparently Yoshimeyer is now locked in his office...

Mack: "Got it here, Captain." ::hands Sprague a PADD::

Sprague: ::can't seem to grasp the PADD, despite Mack letting it go:: "What's going on?"



::knocking from all around::

Sprague: "What is that?!?"

Mack: "I don't know, Sir!"


Sprague: "What, what's going on!?!" ::wakes up in his Starbase 10 cell to a guard knocking outside his door:: "Oh." ::remembers his second arrest; then sees Yoshimeyer standing next to the guard::

Guard: ::lowers the forcefield::

Sprague: ::walks out of his cell:: "I'm free to go?"

Mack: ::exits his cell at almost the exact same time::

Yoshimeyer: "The charges of treason, conspiracy, and sedition are being dropped. It seems that you were identified as a conspirator by mistake."

Sprague: "That's great news!"

Guards: ::puts cuffs back on Sprague and Mack:

Mack: "Wait, what?"

Yoshimeyer: "However, you're now being charged with dereliction of duty for allowing your ship to hit itself with 12 quantum torpedoes. You and Ensign Mack and Ensign Bull."

Guards: ::puts Sprague and Mack back into their cells::

Yoshimeyer: ::to another guard:: "Go pick up Bull immediately."

Guard: "Yes, Admiral."


From bad to... well, still bad!

Captain Dick Sprague & Ensign Julius Mack


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