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Throwing my weight around

Posted on Sun Jun 13th, 2021 @ 1:42am by Ensign Broderick Varley

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: USS Albion
Timeline: Current
Tags: Varley, Albion, Jellito


{USS Albion, Bridge, Outside Ready Room }

Ensign Varley: :: Beta shift is on duty on the bridge. While quiet, a there is a level of apparent tension amongst the Bridge officers. Normally Beta shift would be led by Commander Jackson Andrews, but he had been unceremoniously relieved of duty by the Captain. Ensign Varley stood outside the Captain's Ready Room. Varley was not on duty but had just gotten off the turbolift with a PADD in his hand. Varley touches the door chime and awaits the okay to enter::

Jellito: "Come."

Varley: ::Varley enters the Ready Room and stands at attention::

Jellito: :: Captain Jellito is sitting slightly hunched over at his desk with the smallest of smirks on his face as he looks at his console. He continues to view the console as Ensign Varley stands at attention for an increasingly awkward length of time. The Ensign has yet to show any break in attention and the Captain finally gives him a look over.

Jellito: "Ensign Varley. You've performed your duties so far competently, unlike many of your crewmates."

Jellito: ::The Captain says no more, leaning back in his chair tapping his desk with the fingers of left hand. The look on his face definitely says the Ensign should have a very good reason for interrupting what he was doing.

Varley: "Captain, I'll get right to it sir. Since you've taken command of the Albion, I've noted 11 instances of you having taken action in direct contradiction of Starfleet regulations or protocol."

Varley: ::Hands PADD over to Jellito::

Varley: "It's my duty as a Starfleet officer to alert your commanding officer sir of these transgressions. However this being your command the right thing to do was to inform you of my course of action."

Jellito: ::Glances at the PADD before it tossing it across his desk::

Jellito: "Your father was Donald Varley right son?"

Varley: "Yes sir. Captain Donald Varley. Sir."

Jellito: "Like you, your father was an insolent disobedient officer. Whose actions eventually got his entire command killed. I never understood why Starfleet command would grant him such a station so far above his weight."

Jellito: ::The Captain leans both arms across the desk and stands up. His anger is quite clear as a vein above his left eye is noticeably throbbing.::

Jellito: "You think being Donald Varley's son gives you the right to come into my Ready Room. You show me that PADD and think you're throwing some weight around in here. What an officer you must think yourself to be ENSIGN. KEEPING tabs on me SON.

I am here with the full authority of Starfleet command. I can do anything with the Albion short of starting a war with the Borg.

Is that CLEAR?"

Varley: "Yes sir"

Jellito: :: The Captain sits down and leans back drastically in his chair. He looks at Varley and then the door but says nothing.

Varley: ::Varley picks up the PADD off the Captain's desk and starts to walk towards the door but stops right in front of the door and turns around to speak.

Varley: "Sir, I would be remiss in not telling you with you being my commanding officer. But I already sent this list of your transgressions to Starfleet command prior to discussing this matter with you. While I hoped for a better outcome than this, frankly I knew better."

Jellito: ::Jellito twists his chair and lays his left elbow on his ready room desk and points to Varley.

Jellito: "You're relieved Ensign. And if you say another word, I'll have you placed in the brig."

Varley: "Captain, I must remind you that Starfleet regulations state than any officer who retaliates against another for communicating a complaint or greviance will be suspended immediately from duty and risks being court martialed. If you attempt this action it'll be you in the brig, not me.


Jellito: ::Jellito looks at Ensign Varley hard for a moment and then smiles.::

Jellito: "Ensign, I look forward to your next evaluation."

Varley: ::Varley turns around and heads through the Ready room door. He pauses for a moment after the Ready room door closes. He looks at the PADD and presses send::

Varley: (Smug bastard probably not going to notice that sent the list AFTER our little meeting.)

Ensign Broderick Varley
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
USS Albion


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