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Viewing the Hearing

Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 2:52am by Commander Jackson Andrews

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Jackson's Quarters, Starbase 10 Courtroom
Timeline: Current


{USS Albion, Jackson's Quarters)

Andrews: ::Walks into his quarters after breaking up a bar-fight in the mess hall:: (Finally peace and quite for now) ::Goes to his computer at his desk, and loads up a live feed of Captain Sprague's hearing::

{Starbase 10, Courtroom}

View screen: ::showing the USS Albion hit itself with its own torpedoes for the fourth time:: "Boom!"

Judge: "Captain Sprague, Ensign Mack, and Ensign Bull, would you like to enter a plea?"

Sprague: ::stands:: "Innocent! I wasn't even on the ship! ... it was him!" ::points to Mack::

Mack: "But I was just following protocol entered into the computer by Ensign Bull!"

Bull: "It was my first day, I mean month on the job..."

::crowd erupts::

Judge: "Order, order!" ::bangs the gavel::

{USS Albion, Jackson's Quarters}

Andrews: ::Sighs and facepalms while watching the feed of the hearing::

{Starbase 10, Courtroom}

Sprague's Lawyer: "Your honor, I would like to read a character reference letter for Captain Sprague from Chief of Star Fleet Admiral Charles Star."

Audience: ::oohs and aah::

Judge: "Proceed."

Sprague's Lawyer: ::clears his throat, reads from a PADD:: "Captain Sprague, what can I say? He's commanded more ships than anyone in Star Fleet history. Not only that, he's the senior Captain in all of Star Fleet! And his crews have won more awards for their excellent than any others..." ::smiles a mile wide::

Audience member: ::whispering to his neighbor:: "Whoa, Admiral Star's really going to bat for Sprague!"

Sprague's Lawyer: "... because they're usually forced to clear up the messes that Sprague routinely leaves behind... which is also why he still hasn't promoted after all these years. And finally, as for his many commands, each one beyond the first was due to administrative error."

Audience: ::gasps::

Judge: "Order, order!" ::bangs the gavel::

Sprague's Lawyer: "I think that's enough..." ::places the PADD on the table::

{USS Albion, Jackson's Quarters}

Andrews: ::Continues facepalming and sighs again:: (What even is this hearing?) ::Walks over to replicator:: "Coffee with cream please" ::Coffee appears in the replicator and Andrews sets the coffee on the desk:: (I'm missing something. Hmm... Ah I've got it!) ::Goes back to replicator and orders popcorn:: (This hearing may be entertaining after all) ::Takes popcorn back to desk and continues to watch the hearing::



Commander Jackson Andrews
Executive Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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