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Mack's Lawyer does his job

Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 6:19am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: starbase 10 court room


::Mack's Attorney stands::

"your honor, please direct the court to replay the video of the USS Albion being hit by its own torpedos".

::video plays until the boom sound::

" here is the first piece of evidence that this video is a fake. The starbase, you will note, is in space vacuum. An explosion
in vaccum of space would not go "boom" nor would an audio microphone WORK IN SPACE AT ALL."

"continue the video..."

::video continues to a point where a blast appears to happen::

"pause. Now zoom in 150 percent."

:: hi-res video zooms. There is no evidence of any damage to the hull of the albion. The crowd in the court room mumbles.::

Judge: "Order! Any further outbursts or demonstrations out of order, and the court room will be cleared. Do not try me on this.
Defense counsel for mister Mack. Have you anything further? "

mack's attorney: "yes your honor, I do. Mister Mack, please contact ship's computer on the albion via your communicator secure channel."

Mack::touches badge:: "computer, recognize ensign julius mack."

computer:: "identity confirmed. welcome aboard commander."

Mack: "computer. I am accessing your channel remotely from starbase 10 court room, during a hearing for which you are to observe courtroom decorum. I am not
currently functioning as commander of Albion but please confirm that I did so during the timeline indicated in the video being displayed in this courtroom."

computer: "working...location, identity, level of command authority and time line of video images confirmed. verification is available to the judge and counsel."

Mack: "computer. indicate condition of the hull of the USS Albion during that entire timeline sequence."

computer: "the hull of the USS albion was in normal and complete integrity condition throughout, including fully functional propulsion, security and defense assets. The
appearance of explosions was part of a simulation created by ensign julius mack, functioning as commander of the USS Albion and possessing full duty privileges to do so
according to protocol of starfleet. The simulation is a derivation of one used in advanced tactical training, offered by starfleet to starship command-ready personnel. "

Mack: "computer. please state the reason for your execution of that simulation program."

computer: "I was ordered to execute the program when a credible threat from a known Ferengi invasion force existed within the starbase 10 security perimeter. That order
was given to me in a secure encryption by commander Julius Mack.
Station Command at starbase 10 was not directly informed of this tactic, and they appear to have been likewise completely deceived by it, just as the Ferengi
invasion force was. The program was expected to not fool a properly trained starfleet security team, but it appears that the starbase ten team were not trained in the use of
deceptive simulators. Nor evidently was Admiral Yoshimeyer, who at that time commanded starbase ten."

Mack: "computer. access the logs of the security device that I placed in admiral yoshimeyer's office on starbase ten. Examine it for details of his conversations with the Ferengi
Captain. Please describe the nature of those supposedly private and privileged conversations."

computer: "there appear to be six different meetings between these two individuals. The conversations are encrypted content."

Mack: "computer, authorize voiceprint mack one three two delta. open the records indicated and summarize their content."

computer: "the conversations appear to be about arranging an elaborate deception to allow the ferengi force to assume control of all critical assets on starbase ten.
Despite his oath to protect those resources, Admiral Yoshimeyer appears to have been cooperating with the inpending invastion and serving the Romulans and rogue
Fernegi forces as a sleeper-mode double agent."

Mack: "computer. access biometric samples taken from the room, with particular attention to those matching the DNA footprint of Admiral Yoshimeyer. Analyze and summarize."

computer: "biometric samples were taken during conversations in the office of admiral yoshimeyer, derived from breath vapor in the immediate vicinity of where the admiral
was known to have been temporarily detained in his own office. The samples indicate a humanoid who also has significant Romulan physical characteristics but has been
genetically altered to conceal them.
The Ferengi Captain's biometrics indicate primarily Ferengi physiology but significant Romulan improvements to dental work and
external physical features, possibly meant to make him more outwardly attractive to Romulan society rather than Ferengi females seeing mates. It is statistically over 90
percent probability that the rogue Ferengi Captain is also familiar with Romulan culture.
Voiceprint analysis also detects subtle speech accents common to immigrants to the Romulan home world, according to accessed Starfleet Intelligence.
The rogue Ferengi invasion force is also known to have used weapons of Romulan technology. Circumstantial evidence strongly suggests
that Admiral Yoshimeyer is a double agent, working for the Ferengi and posing as a human from earth. My attempts to access such earth records, have resulted in ambiguous
results and all indications are that those records have been deliberately falsified or made inaccessible.
Conclusion is that It is likely that admiral yoshimeyer has been a double-agent since long before he assumed command of starbase ten."

Mack's Attorney: "computer: verify defense counsel for ensign julius mack. release all evidentiary elements cited in this hearing, to the judge and court documents recorder
for this hearing.
Your honor. In view of this evidence I motion for all charges to be dismissed against my client, his command status restored, and I further respectfully recommend
that this court immediately issue an arrest warrant for both Admiral Yoshimeyer, the Ferengi Captain, the Ferengi commanders surrender immediately to starbase 10 security,
and a counter-suit for fraud and defamation be filed on behalf of mister Mack against Admiral Yoshimeyer and all of the starbase 10 staff involved in his arrest and false accusations.
Further that all charges against Ensign Bull be dropped, since he acted under orders of the legitimate commander of the USS Albion at the time of his alleged misdeeds.

Ensign Bull's commander was Ensign Julius Mack. Feel free to cross examine Mister Bull. I'm sure he will now admit that he never actually assumed command himself, and
cannot be held liable for carrying out highly classified orders of a superior where they are not illegal according to starfleet regulations. Let the record read that Ensign Bull acted
according to his role in the simulation deception necessary to expose both the Ferengi invasion plan as well as Admiral Yoshimeyer's traitorous activity.

And with that Your Honor, I rest my case and yield the floor to counsel for the remaining defendants."


View screen: ::showing the USS Albion hit itself with its own torpedoes for the fourth time:: "Boom!"

Judge: "Captain Sprague, Ensign Mack, and Ensign Bull, would you like to enter a plea?"

Sprague: ::stands:: "Innocent! I wasn't even on the ship! ... it was him!" ::points to Mack::

Mack: "But I was just following protocol entered into the computer by Ensign Bull!"

Bull: "It was my first day, I mean month on the job..."

::crowd erupts::

Judge: "Order, order!" ::bangs the gavel::


Captain Dick Sprague
Commanding Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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