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Back on the Command Track, Well Sorta Pt.1

Posted on Sun Sep 19th, 2021 @ 1:06am by Commander Jackson Andrews

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: USS Albion
Timeline: Current


[Captain's Ready Room, USS Albion]

Jellito: ::Looks sternly at the two security officers who were supposed to follow Commander Andrews:: "You two were supposed to find evidence that Commander Andrews was guilty for aiding Captain Sprague! But you let him get away. To be honest, I don't even know if you are Starfleet material!"

Security Officer 1: ::Holding back tears:: "S-sorry Captain, we'll try again better next time"

Jellito: "No need. I no longer need you two for this assignment. I'll transfer you two back to your normal ship duties. I need to watch Andrews personally"

Security Officer 2: "So he's being reinstated as the XO?"

Jelltio: "No. Even better than that" ::Chuckles:: "Dismissed" ::Taps button on desk:: =^=Commander Andrews report to the ready room at once!=^=

[Andrews Quarters, USS Albion]

Andrews: ::Plays Galagy on PADD when he gets a call from the ready room. ::Taps button on his own desk and sighs:: =^=On my way sir.=^=

Jellito: =^=Is that attitude I hear Commander?=^=

Andrews: ::Clears throat:: =^=Erm, sorry sir, on my way=^=

Jellito: ::Closes channel and whispers to himself:: "You better be"

[Ready Room, USS Albion]

Andrews: ::Presses door chime::

Jelltio: "Enter"

Andrews: ::Enters the room and stands at the foot of the desk, which had changed much since Captain Sprague was arrested:: "You wanted to see me Captain?"

Jellito: "Yes. I did." ::Visibly thinks for a few moments:: "Commander. When I see what you used to be on this ship as the previous XO, and when I see you know as the morale officer, I see an officer who is dedicated. I'll be honest, I never really trusted you, I didn't even think you would be a good XO. But, your trust has grown on me, Commander."

Andrews: "Permission to speak freely, sir?"

Jellito: "Granted"

Andrews: "I never trusted you either. I thought that I would grow to give you my trust, but that has not happend. I didn't, and I still don't think are a good Captain."

Jellito: "Either way, I called you up for a reason. Let me cut it to you straight. You have proven to me that you are capable to be in the Albion's command department once again..."

Andrews: (Oh? Am I being reinstated as XO?)

Jellito: "As my new yeoman. Now go get me some coffee! Snap to it!"

Andrews: (He can't be serious?)

Jellito: "Now Commander! Coffee doesn't make itself!"

Andrews: "Aye sir!" ::Runs out of the ready room and to the mess hall to make a fresh cup of coffee::


Part 1/2. To be continued...

Commander Jackson Andrews
Executive Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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