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Back on the Command Track, Well Sorta Pt.2

Posted on Sun Sep 19th, 2021 @ 2:18am by Commander Jackson Andrews

Mission: The Undiscovered Starbase
Location: Starbase 10, USS Albion
Timeline: Current


[Courtroom, Starbase 10]

Bailiff: "Judge Bartholomew!"

Judge Bartholomew: ::briefly wakes up:: "I had the strangest dream... recording devices, secret logs, and even forcefields..." ::actually dies this time::

Bailiff: "Someone get a doctor!"

Random Doctor: "I'm a doctor! But I forget what kind..." ::Pulls out his card:: "Oh sorry I can't help. I am an eye doctor."

Bailiff: ::Checks Bartholomew's pulse:: "Dammit he's dead"

[Ready Room, USS Albion]

Andrews: ::Runs back into the ready room with the coffee:: "Here... is your coffee sir." ::Catches breath::

Jellito: ::Sips cofffee and has a reaction that shows that he enjoyed the coffee:: "Commander, this coffee is actually really good. You may be one of the best yeomen I've had"

Andrews: (Was that supposed to be a compliment, or an insult?)

::Computer beeps::

Jellito: ::Puts command codes into computer. Admiral Gillis appears on the screen:: "Admiral Gillis, I wasn't expecting to here back from you so soon"

Gillis: "I wasn't expecting to message you. However, we have had a situation. Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?"

Jellito: "I guess the good news?"

Gillis: "Well, we have a ruling of Captain Sprague's fate. He has been declared not guilty. However, I regret to inform you that shortly after Sprague's name was cleared, that Judge Bartholomew fell over dead. Cause unknown"

Jellito: "I see. Anything else?"

Gillis: "Yes, I am aware that you reassigned Commander Andrews?"

Jellito: "Yes, twice actually. He's now my yeoman."

Gillis: (Well that's a little weird) "Well, we also believe that Andrews is innocent. I expect him to be returned to his original duties on the Albion."

Andrews: (Smirks)

Jellito: (Why that little...) "Understood Admiral. Jellito out"

Ops officer on bridge: =^=Bridge to Jellito=^=

Jellito: (What now) =^=Jellito here=^=

Ops: =^=We have detected a firefight in Admiral Yoshimeyer's office! Your orders=^=

Jellito: =^=I'll send someone over there. Jellito out.=^= ::Looks at Jackson:: "I'm trusting you." (I can't believe I'm doing this)

Andrews: ::Nods and goes full sprint to the turbolift, and then to the transporter room::

[Admiral Yoshimeyer's Office, Starbase 10]

::mad scramble for the phaser::

Main in Starfleet Uniform: ::Grabs the phaser and shoots at the Admiral, but misses:: "Blast!"

Yoshimeyer: ::Picks up his chair and throws it at his opponent, with a successful hit:: "Ha! Take that!"

Main in Starflleet Uniform: ::Falls and accidentally misfires the phaser::

Yoshimeyer: "It seems your little attack has-" ::Sees the officer push the chair out of the way:: "That was supposed to knock you out!"

Main in Starfleet Uniform: ::Gets up and points the phaser at Yoshimeyer:: "Not today"

Andrews: ::Appears in Yoshimeyer's Office::


To be continued...

Commander Jackson Andrews
Executive Officer
USS Albion NCC-3020


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