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the sands of risa

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 8:04am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: Consult the Anomaly
Location: the sands of risa


Rubbletree: ::on a beach chair:: "I'll take another one of these." ::hands the waiter his old glass::

(waiter takes the glass, then awkwardly drops it on the sand.)
Waiter: "oops."

Rubbletree: "Idiot!" (looks down at cracked glass. looks up at hand phaser pointed at him.)

Waiter: "for a customer who doesn't tip well, you really should behave yourself better.
now you have ten seconds to return the bridge crews to the albion and the ISS Martin, before
this phaser returns you to the sand you came from."

Rubbletree: (fiddles with a small device under his wrist skin)..."all right, it's done."

Waiter: =^="establish fleet comm link to bridge, USS Albion. Authorization biometric.=^="
(remote computer: "link established."
Waiter: "Identify, biometric. Bridge Hail, USS Albion. Commander. Please respond. Health Check."

Andrews: "Fleet comm. USS Albion bridge, Commander Andrews. Who is this?"

Waiter: "see reference biometric. I am on risa and holding a mister rubbletree at phaser point. I presume
you have just been transported back to your bridge. Are all crew safe and accounted for?"

Andrews: "yes, just about a minute ago, we appeared to be in a brig in some unknown and possibly Romulan
detention facility."

Waiter: "suggest you do a level five diagnostic of your security perimeter, for a transport signature. Advise
ISS Martin to program weapons for cloaking signature, possibly multiple ships in range."

Andrews: "stand by...confirmed. All crew accounted for, including two aboard ISS Martin. Proceeding battle stations."

Waiter: "acknowledged." (adjusts phaser, points it at rubbletree. fires. rubbletree's head becomes a block of ice.)
(to rubbletree's slightly twitching form) "serves you right for stiffing me on the tip."
=^="away team to admiral gillis. one and a half to beam up."=^=


{bridge, ISS Martin}

Mack: "Mister genno, do you have a trace for our last transporter coordinates.?"

Genno: "yes commander. The brig facility appears to be aboard what I presume to be a large cloaked Romulan vessel.
Apparently they think they are undetected."

Mack: "Do you think there is any point in attempting to hail them?"

Genno: "Not as long as they think we do not know they are here."

Mack: "well, in the interests of diplomacy maybe we should just destroy their warp field and let nature take it's course
since there is no point in telling them anymore than they already think they know."

Genno: "weapons ready."

Mack: "are we far enough away for a photon spread?"

Genno: "I think our shields can handle any incidental results well enough."

Mack: "lay in a course for a safe perimeter, fire main photon emitters, then engage warp eight for deep space."

Genno: (fires photon spread at presumed warp core and nacelles.) "photons launched...engaging warp."

(aboard the Romulan vessel, the fat man becomes momentarily thinner, mid-chuckle, then becomes a perfusion of ions.)

Mack: "computer. open general broadcast channel."

Computer: channel open, un-encrypted.

Mack: "to whomever it may concern. Strongly recommended you leave this sector before you are caused to leave it by artificial means."

(sensors detect several faint warp signatures)



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