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further findings

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2023 @ 8:03am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack

Mission: The Assessment
Location: Albion, cargo bay 1


Mack: ::presses some buttons::

Cargo: ::no longer appears destroyed::

Genno: "You're the best, Mr. Mack!"


Mack: looks at display of his custom scanner. Frowns and looks at what appear to be the re-appeared armaments
and other devices in the cargo bay.

=^="mack to genno. while outwardly the effort seems successful, my scan results are a bit mysterous. The mass of the
cargo seem stable but their location seems...inconsistent. I am inclined to suspect a sub-space field of some kind, which
could result in other objects and even structural elements of the ship, also possibly being subject to this field or the
source of it. One notable thing: there is some know history of unfriendly interests using something like this, for cloaking
and that would include entire ships. Suggest extreme caution, including an enhanced sweep of the immediate sector.
More later, Mack out." =^=

mack: establishes a low-level security field just inside the cargo bays. Does not mention that to anyone, but then
heads back to his quarters to further examine his scan data and that of his advanced scan equipment.



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