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Clean up the nebula

Posted on Fri Feb 26th, 2021 @ 9:35pm by Lieutenant Moria Hadden

Mission: Nebulous
Location: USS Albion, Bridge
Timeline: Current

ON: {U.S.S. Albion - Bridge}

Hadden: (Right - enough of this.) "Locking tractor beam on the shuttle." :: thumps the console as she keys in the command. :: "Not casing around for that thing again."

Genno: :: Nodding. :: "Do it. The less strewn about, the better."

Andrews: (They're tractor-beaming us in) :: Lunging for the comm. :: =/\= Intruder alert. Commander Spivik. He's the intruder. =/\=

Genno: "Cut the comm."

Hadden: "Brig or sickbay, Lieutenant?"

Genno: :: Dry laugh. :: "Sickbay. Be a change of scene for Commander Spivik."

:: The shuttle bay inches across the viewscreen back towards the Albion. ::

{USS Albion, Star Drive Section VIP Quarters}

Sprague: "Sprague Heads Knees Toes."

Computer: "Access denied."

:: The computer chimed angrily. ::

Computer: "Access denied."

Sprague: :: Stomping his foot. :: "Hey - I didn't say anything yet!"

Computer: "You were going to."


Lieutenant Moria Hadden
Strategic Operations Officer
U.S.S. Albion NCC-3020


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