Welcome to the USS Albion!

Welcome to the USS Albion (NCC-3020), a Star Trek role play-by-post/email sim set in the TNG/DSN/VOY era. The Albion is a Galaxy-class starship with a mission of deep space exploration. We like to push the boundaries of our imaginations and delve into areas & ideas that haven't yet been traveled.

This game continues the simming tradition of Independence Fleet's historical USS Avalon. Please see the Sim tab for more information as the Albion is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Otherwise, we would love to have you Join our Adventure!

Sim Content Rating:
RPG Rating 2 1 2
This closely corresponds to PG-13 from film ratings.

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The USS Albion is a proud member of Independence Fleet

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Latest News Items

» New Crewmember

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2023 @ 7:08pm by Captain Dick Sprague in General News

Let's welcome aboard our new Chief Flight Control Officer:

Ensign Alyssa Strong

We'll leave it to her to find a way onboard!


» New Crewmembers & A Promotion

Posted on Mon Sep 5th, 2022 @ 8:29pm by Captain Dick Sprague in General News


Help me welcome aboard two new members to the Albion:

- Lieutenant Commander Eliza Florian, Second Officer
- 2nd Lieutenant Skylar Tryon, Marine

Let's give them a warm welcome!

In addition, 2nd Lieutenant Emily Janeway is hereby promoted to Captain and will be our first Marine Detachment CO. Congratulations!

-Capt. Sprague

» Happy 21st Anniversary, IDF!

Posted on Mon Jul 4th, 2022 @ 3:26pm by Captain Dick Sprague in General News

Albion crew,

In case you were unaware, today is Independence Fleet's 21st anniversary. As part of the celebration, please check out the blog posts below:

Our 21st Birthday

2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

21st Anniversary Webcast Recap

Here's to 21 more years!

-Capt. Sprague

» 21st Anniversary Webcast Tomorrow

Posted on Sat Jul 2nd, 2022 @ 1:35am by Captain Dick Sprague in General News

In case you haven't heard, we'll be hosting the IDF 21st Anniversary Webcast tomorrow at 12 noon Eastern in the fleet Discord server:


See you there!

-Capt Sprague

» New Crewmember

Posted on Wed Jan 12th, 2022 @ 11:33pm by Captain Dick Sprague in General News


Please help me welcome our newest crewmember, 2nd Lieutenant Emily Janeway!

For story purposes, we'll say that she's been onboard since the current mission began.

-Capt. Sprague

Latest Mission Posts

» Confirmed

Mission: The Assessment
Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2023 @ 10:28pm by Captain Dick Sprague


{USS Albion, Cargo Bay 1}

Genno: ::approaches and hands Sprague a damage report form when he fired the shuttle's phasers at the Albion::

Sprague: ::looks back into the shuttle to see the equipment he damaged in emergency transport::

Mack: ::approaches with scanner:: "Confirmed--all equipment scheduled for delivery…

» And we're back

Mission: The Assessment
Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2023 @ 2:48pm by Captain Dick Sprague


Great posting, keep it up!


{USS Albion, Shuttle Bay 1}

Cromwell: ::exiting the recently returned shuttle, along with Sprague, Andrews, and Strong:: "32 out of 100 for that exercise."

Sprague: "What?!? That's it??"

Cromwell: "It would have been 100 out of 100 if you had listened to your…

» Redeploying cargo destined for the colony

Mission: The Assessment
Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2023 @ 7:31pm by Captain Emily Janeway


Janeway:: debriefing on rest of the team members for their assignments on redeployment of equipment that set up for deployment before it was completed destroyed.
Nabarati::starts to reading the whole list of items that have been disturbed and destroyed in the process of being transported to…

» Searching for the Captain

Mission: The Assessment
Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 @ 7:16pm by Captain Emily Janeway


{uss.Albinon bridge}

Janeway: holding a small Starfleet federation standard issued defense sidearm and inserted into the clip of the Starfleet phaser’s ammunition into the pistol while she is searching for the captain’s readyroom. Janeway:” where is the captain? Grexx?

Grexx “ He was supposed to be in his…

» the obvious question

Mission: The Assessment
Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 @ 4:30am by Lieutenant JG Julius Mack


Janeway, Nabarati, and Tryon: ::rush into the cargo bay::

Scientific equipment to be delivered to Viridian IV: ::completely destroyed::

Janeway: "Uh oh."


=^="Janeway to bridge duty officer. Our cargo for the tactical assignment has disappeared. Suggest we heave to and scan for
other damage."=^=

Grexx: "helm, slow to…

Latest Personal Logs

» Next

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2023 @ 2:12pm by Captain Dick Sprague

Captain's log, star date 68378584727398495049483262525172834960706948372616273849409382372728495493492892818292093904395983823.1.

I've begun my two year command assessment, and I don't think it's going great.

Cromwell: ::voice in the distance:: "Dick, it's time for the next assessment."


End log.

» Off to a good start

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2023 @ 1:08am by Captain Emily Janeway

The new additional recruits have join marines, are performing well

» Log Time Out

Posted on Sat Dec 31st, 2022 @ 9:38pm by Captain Dick Sprague

Maximum log time reached. Auto end log.

» [Log Time Expired]

Posted on Wed Nov 30th, 2022 @ 11:19pm by Captain Dick Sprague

[Time limit expired. End log.]

» Begin Log

Posted on Sun Jul 31st, 2022 @ 8:53pm by Captain Dick Sprague

Computer being log.


::video game sounds::